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DennisDennis Jensen, President
Dennis Jensen is the consummate entrepreneur and purveyor of long-term business relationships. His career started in Orange County, California in construction and real estate development, where he served as general contractor for the multi-unit residential complexes that he developed and mapped and was a partner in several large-scale residential housing tracts.

When volatility complicated investments and partnerships, Dennis turned his time and attention to the family agriculture business, where he now devotes his full attention.

Dennis takes a hands-on approach, being in the field to observe progress and to identify new opportunities for the SeaView family of companies. He leads the firm in staying on top of industry advancements and changes in regulations and is active in the agricultural community, where he participates in industry forums.

When not on the ranch, Dennis is in the air. A pilot since the age of 16, Dennis enjoys the freedom and flexibility that flying allows. Dennis and his wife live in La Quinta, California, where they enjoy the desert, fine cuisine, and their three grown children and their families.

Manolo DuBonManolo DuBon, Ranch Manager
Manolo DuBon is responsible for Field Operations for the 20+ ranches managed by Oasis Ranch Management. From planting through harvesting, he is responsible for the management of the various crops and field teams on each farm.

From crop nutrition and irrigation management to reading and understanding the nutritional values relating to soil, water and plant material, Manolo understands the science and the intricacies of growing crops. His experience in establishing Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Global Food Safety (GFS), as well as implementing Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) programs supports his efforts in working with field teams to enhance the quality of crops grown on Oasis managed farms.

Born in San Salvador, Central America, Manolo earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Phytotechnology from the University of El Salvador, San Salvador. He subsequently earned a Post Graduate degree from University of Adelaide, South Australia in Crop Management.

Manolo's early career was spent in the coffee plantations of El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Brazil where he learned the complexities of growing this special crop. His keen understanding of balancing soil, irrigation, fertilization and the environment has been the foundation for his ability to understand and work with other crops, such as avocados, citrus, fruits and dates.

After living in Australia, Central America and the Ventura County of Southern California, Manolo and his family see the Coachella Valley as another adventure, where the traffic is manageable and the people are friendly. He is especially enjoying exploring the Coachella Valley through his lens in amateur photography. The best is when he can capture some great shots and enjoy the view while sipping his favorite, coffee.

SergioSergio Zambrano, Packing House Manager
Sergio Zambrano has lived agriculture production his entire life. He is an expert in produce production from picking and packing to shipping and inventory. From his first job in a citrus packing house to production positions in local and regional orchards and packing facilities through responsibilities as Facility Manager for a large citrus producer, Sergio is proficient in managing a wide range of crops. He is known for his knowledge of the care needed for high quality and yields.

Sergio has worked with organically grown crops and in high production facilities that focus on quickly receiving, shipping and turning inventory while optimizing both grower return and customer satisfaction. His production experience allows Sea View to manage a large range of crops and fields and respond to the increased demand for packing services.

As Packing House Manager, Sergio is responsible for coordinating the harvesting and picking, managing the grading and packing, processing shipping and special requests and maintaining the inventory. He is committed to delivering the quality, yield and consistency that continue to be the hallmarks of Sea View Packing while helping to develop and serve new customers.

Sergio resides in La Quinta, where he enjoys spending his leisure-time bicycling, jogging, hiking and swimming.

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