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Oasis Ranch Management Services

We provide the experience, expertise, and manpower to give our growers and investors peace of mind when it comes to "who's managing the farm."

  • Proven track record
  • Consistent return on investment
  • Comprehensive ranch management
  • Establishment of new ranches
  • Experienced planting, maintenance, harvesting
  • Vigilant quality control
  • Responsible expense control
  • Compliance with latest government regulations

Professional Farm Management services for Coachella Valley of Riverside County, Borrego Valley of San Diego County, and Imperial Valley County of Southern California


We manage over 2,600 acres at 23 ranches.


Known for our record of consistently providing solid returns, our customers have grown to trust and depend on our ability to manage expenses, leverage technology and science, and respond to the agricultural challenges presented each season.


We start with the crop. From the beginning, we inspect, monitor, and evaluate the environment, soil, and trees. Whether a new ranch and its development or the removal and replacement of older trees with new young plantings, we look to optimize quality and yield to provide our customers optimal return.


The impact of having tight management of irrigation, pest control, weed control, and tractor work with a special emphasis on water conservation has led to our reputation in producing quality date and citrus crops. By converting most of our ranches from flood to micro-drip irrigation, we have achieved a 50% reduction in water consumption while increasing yield by 20%.


More recently, we have focused energies and efforts to efficiently accommodate the increasing government regulations and reporting requirements. We utilize state of the art technology to track and provide the necessary disclosure documents. Our system automatically reports and transmits to the Employment Development Department, Internal Revenue Service, and the Agriculture Commissioner for Riverside County on behalf of our customers.


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