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Availability: Year-round

We specialize in and pack only the Medjool variety of dates. Often referred to as “the Cadillac of dates,” the Medjool is large and moist. Growing in popularity over the more common Deglet Noor variety, this wonderful fruit is known for its large size, rich mahogany color, soft texture, and delicious taste. Its sweet, juicy taste makes it the best of all date varieties. Best of all, this “Nature’s Candy” is low in calories and high in fiber and minerals.

We are one of the largest single sources of Medjools. Our large cooling and packing facilities, along with our innovative equipment and handling techniques, have transformed this fruit from being labor-intensive to grow and harvest into a rich, highly sought year-round staple.

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Our new Majestic Medjools are the largest, sweetest, best tasting, and highest quality of all Medjools.

Internationally recognized as being the highest
quality dates available

Your customers will love the rich flavor and tender texture of our premium dates – they’re simply irresistible! Our Majestic Medjool dates are professionally cleaned, graded, and hand-packed to optimize freshness and extend shelf life.


Majestic Medjools:
  • Distinctive new grade
  • High moisture content
  • Extremely soft/sticky with syrup
  • Very sweet
  • We ship fresh (perishable)
  • Worldwide delivery

Wholesale Buyers

In addition to the Majestic’s, SeaView offers four other grades of Medjool dates:


  • Our finest grade, only smaller
  • Tight-skinned
  • With fewer than 10% blemishes
  • 20 to 24 dates per pound


  • Our finest grade
  • Tight skinned
  • With fewer than 5% blemishes
  • 16 to 20 dates per pound


  • Mixed sizes
  • Mostly tight skin
  • Contains blemishes
  • 24 to 30 dates per pound


  • Our lowest grade
  • Mostly all loose skin
  • Contains blemishes
  • Small through jumbo sizes
  • No count per pound, varies


For up-to-date information on availability, pricing, or to place on order, please contact us at: or 760.398.8850



Contact us at: or 760.398.8850

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